ArgoNet News Bulletin: December 1998

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Acorn: EasiReader for Word documents

Icon Technology is releasing a new product that enables Acorn users to read and print Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format documents.

More information at this website.

V.90 now operational

ArgoNet has completed the implementation of our expanded range of services which now include ISDN (64K), 56K X2, K56flex and the new V.90 standard. To take full advantage of the 56K and ISDN services the correct dial-up telephone number must be used. Flash upgradeable 56K modems can be upgraded by visiting the manufacturer's Web site and downloading the appropriate file. Acorn users with Dynalink/MagicXpress flash upgradeable modems can download an upgrade program from our support website.

Even faster Web server

The migration of our hosted Web sites to our new London-based server is progressing and all the users should be moved in the next few months. Sitting directly on the Internet backbone, ArgoNet's Sun Ultra2 server will help us to continue providing a high speed service (ArgoNet came second, ahead of Demon and UUnet, in the recent 'Internet.Works' server download tests).


We are proud to announce that ArgoNet's award-winning educational Web site, ArgoSphere, is a finalist in the "Educational Website" category in The BETT'99 Awards. The winner, based on votes received by 31st December, will be announced on 13th January. "Teaching Professionals" may vote from the front page of ArgoSphere by clicking on the link to the online voting site.

Visit ArgoSphere at

For Acorn users

ArgoNet is committed to the Acorn market (and to our other markets as well!).

ArgoNet has been at the forefront as an Acorn developer, stimulating and supporting the market probably more than any other single company this year. In spite of Acorn's autumn announcement cancelling Phoebe, ArgoNet continues to invest in the development of Acorn-specific products and we are pleased to confirm the forthcoming release of Javascript.

Voyager Internet Suite

The latest version (v2.02) of ArgoNet's Voyager software is planned for release during week beginning 7th December. It incorporates a number of changes including better detection of old modules and resources as well as several bug-fixes.


With Java released by Acorn earlier this year, the next development in our sights was Javascript. Originally planned for release in the summer, unforeseen delays have meant we are now due to release it during December as an add-on to Fresco, the browser incorporated within Voyager. The add-on, on floppy disc, will cost £29.95 including UK carriage and VAT.

ANT Internet Suite

All ANT products may be purchased through ArgoNet on freephone 0500 585 586.


An updated version of the ANT Internet Suite, incorporating Javascript, is planned for release during December. The recommended price of £99 plus VAT and carriage is unchanged and Voyager users who wish to purchase the new Javascript-enabled ANT Internet Suite can do so from ArgoNet at a special price. Existing ANT Internet Suite users can upgrade to Javascript for £29.95 including UK carriage and VAT.

JavaScript Note

The JavaScript implemented in Fresco is actually ECMAScript. This is the only international standard specification of JavaScript. It is currently compatable with Netscape's JavaScript 1.1.

More information about ECMAScript and ECMA can be found at these web sites.