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SMTP Open Relay problem  [Tue 17th Sep 2002 9.00am]
We are currently aware of the situation regarding ArgoNet's smtp server and have resolved the issue relating to the errors that our customers have been getting. This was a temporary problem and we are working with those companies that have blocked our SMTP server to get our server removed from their blacklists.
According to the server tests carried out by, and the SMTP server now behaves correctly.

Intermittant News connection problems  [Wed 5th Jun 2002 3.00pm]
As from last Friday, the problems connecting to should have been resolved. This problem was unfortunately outside the control of ArgoNet, but should have now been fixed by Pipex. It was caused by some IP ranges being denied access to the news server, so only affected some subscribers, depending upon where you were connecting from and which telephone number you were dialling into.

Problems sending mail  [Fri 10th May 2002 10.30am]

Due to reasons beyond our control, some outgoing mail messages are being refused with the error message "550 relaying to <mail address> prohibited by administrator". This is caused by a problem external to ArgoNet, but engineers are working on the problem, which should be resolved as soon as possible.

Disconnecting and reconnecting may resolve the problem (which should automatically assign a new IP address). (now fixed - 13/5/02)

Virus Alert!  [Tue 1st May 2002 10am]

There are a number of Windows viruses going around at the moment, so if you receive a blank email with a suspicious subject line or attachments, DO NOT open it. Because a lot of the email is generated at random by the virus, it can be difficult to spot it. However, a full description and removal information can be found at
RISC OS and Mac OS users will NOT be affected by this virus (other than the inconvenience of downloading it in the first place)

For general purpose virus news and information, check Symantec's security response page at

Local web pages  [Fri 19th Apr 2002 6am]

Due to some temporary maintenaince being carried out on one of our servers, some Freedom2 hosted web sites may be unavailable. This will also affect the new WebMail service. Normal service will be resumed ASAP. We would like to apologise for this unforeseen issue.

This issue has now been resolved - 12:10pm (19th Apr 2000). Apologies for any inconvenience.

WebLoad 3  [Mon 15th Apr 2002]

For those people only using the new WebLoad3, updates to the users area will occur once an hour. If you have any problems with the new software, please contact support.

Service Problems  [Thu 7th Mar 2002 9.56am]

Freedom2 would like to apologise for the intermittent service problems that some ArgoNet customers have been experiencing since Monday's server failure.

All services were returned to normal on Monday afternoon as we had anticipated. The backup systems were copying customer websites back to their original locations and transferring email from the queuing system.

However, there have been intermittent issues with the emergency system since Tuesday. We have been working to make sure that the majority of engineering work is being carried out between 9am and 5:30pm to reduce the amount of disruption to the majority of our customers.

ArgoNet's webmail system is being rebuilt and scheduled to be operational by the end of this week. The new system will include an online address book and spell checking facility, although these additional functions are not a priority at present.

Some customers may have found their web sites have been unavailable or have rolled back to a previous backup. The restoration system is currently in operation and will have the majority of websites back online by the end of the week. This has caused a few problems when updates to web sites have been made, especially for customers using the Webload software.

There are still a few outstanding issues with cgi web services which we are working on to fix as soon as possible.

Dial-up connectivity, Usenet news and general World Wide Web services have not been affected.

Up to date information will be provided by ArgoNet Support staff and Freedom2 System Engineering staff at:

On behalf of Freedom2, I would again like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Richard Foster
Development Manager - Freedom2

Intermittent issues  [Tue 5th Mar 2002 2.00pm]

We are currently experiencing some intermittent problems with one of the servers in London. Engineers are working on this issue as a top priority and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Server testing  [Tue 5th Mar 2002 1.30pm]

For testing purposes, the server was temporarily taken offline for approximately 30 minutes. After successfully passing all tests, all major services have been resumed. However WebMail and WebLoad are still experiencing some problems. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

WebMail  [Tue 5th Mar 2002 9.10am]

Normal email is working normally. However, there is still an outstanding issue with the WebMail program. This will be resolved as soon as possible and normal operation should be resumed within the next 24 hours.

Server Failure  [Mon 4th Mar 2002 8.17am]

Freedom2 are currently investigating a server failure at our London hosting facility. This appears to be interrupting Email, Webmail, FTP, some users web sites and domains. More information will be made available as we have it.

(11:22am) It is currently estimated that normal service should be resumed by 5pm today. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

(16:48) The email service has now been resumed. Queued email is being forwarded to users mailboxes.
ArgoNet hosted websites are now available and FTP services are working.
Please note that there are ongoing issues with Webmail which will effect the service.