Voyager 2.05 Bug List

Problems not specifically mentioned here may be covered on the ArgoNet FAQ site.

RISCOS4 Features / Bugs


      The image defer button on Fresco's window can cause the machine to crash or give a Type 5 error message when clicked on. This has been fixed for the next release.

    !Trace File

      RISC OS4 users will find that when they use Voyager, a file called !Trace will be written to the hard drive. This is caused by the debugging code being left in the RISCOS 4 Resolver module, so it's triggered every time it's used. To stop this from happening:

        *unplug Resolver
        Press Return Twice
        Reset the computer and then delete the !Trace file.
      This may cause problems for networked computers.


      There is currently an incompatibility with the PPP driver in Voyager and RiscOS4 which will prevent connections to the internet.

Email Features / Bugs

    Can't Copy Email To Multiple Recipients

      Carbon Copy (CC) and Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) can't have more than one email address in the field due to a incorrect reference in the program. This prevents users from sending mail to more than one person.

      To fix this, open !Voyager.Apps.Mail.!Posty and load the !RunImage file in to a text editor, then edit line:

      2766 to$=FNreadwritemailheader(FNlowercase(hdr$))

      Remember to make a backup cop of the !RunImage file before hand.

    Unable To Open A Mailbox

      Occasionally !Posty may be unable to open the main email box, reporting an error "End of file @6802" or "outside file @5768".

      • Run !Voyager and open the email program. It should give the error message mentioned above.
      • Close all apps EXCEPT Voyager and press F12 and then type *close.
      • Now delete the EMAIL file inside !Voyager.Apps.Mail.!PostyUser.Flags.Standard.
      • Shutdown Voyager and then reset the machine.
      To check it has worked, run Voyager and then open up the first email address in !Posty.



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