From: (Support)
Date:        Fri, 3 Jan 97 20:48:11
Subject:   ### New news group created ###


hope you all had a good Christmas and that 1997 is treating you well!

New news group

The main news is that a new news group has been created especially for Argonet users.

Called argonet.acorn.binaries this group is for distributing files or programs that will be of direct interest to Argonet users with Acorn machines - usually extensions to Voyager.

Files uploaded to this group should not exceed 50k, and programs should be archived into a single compressed file with ArcFS, SparkFS, PackDir or PKZip (PackDir is available for free from the PD section of the FTP site).

Although this group is unmoderated, which means that anything can be uploaded, anyone not sticking to the rules will no doubt be on the receiving end of some pretty irate messages from people who have had to pay the 'phone bill to download the offending file!


Just a couple of reminders for people thinking of upgrading to a StrongARM processor for their Risc PC, or who haven't yet downloaded the ArgoFAX software:

Those upgrading to a StrongARM processor should install the UnAppComp patch /before/ trying to run Voyager! This is available from your VoyClean discs in the Utils archive and come with full instructions. We have also found that, due to occasional clashes with the Web and FTP programs, some people might find that they need to remove the !Internet program from inside your !Boot application - move it rather than deleting it, just in case you need it later.

The ArgoFAX software, available from the FTP site, requires a password to be entered into !ArcFS before you can copy the files onto your hard drive. Load !ArcFS, click with the LEFT mouse button on the icon that appears at the bottom of the screen so that a window appears, and where it says "Password" type in the password then click on the "Garble" button. You should now be able to open the archive containing the fax software.

Argo Technical Support.

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