From: (Support)
Date:        Thu, 30 Jan 97
Subject:   ### Voyager 1.14 upgrade available ###

Please read ALL of this message as there are some significant changes since the last one.

Voyager v1.14 Upgrade - available evening of January 30th.

The new version of Voyager is now ready for release, and if you connect to the Internet using the left mouse button you will be presented with the opportunity to automatically download the new version. Remember to disconnect when the download has completely finished, quit Voyager from the telephone at the bottom of the screen, and follow the instructions given.

It is important that you upgrade to this version before February 17th - Pipex's new dealine - as the way you are connected to the Internet will be changing. Any copies of Voyager not upgraded by then will not be able to connect, so if this happens, you should use you VoyClean disc set to PPP to do a reinstallation of Voyager.

It might be wise to make a backup copy of your current Voyager in a safe place before upgrading (somewhere well out of the way of your main copy) - that way if you have any problems you can go to your backup and email who can help you through the upgrade process. Once the upgrade file has been received and you have finished using Voyager, quit the program from the telephone icon at the bottom of the screen and the upgrade process will take place. When this is finished, reset your computer before using Voyager again.

Changes in v1.14

- New Stack
The old internet stack in 1.12 was causing various problems, but the new one
will solve all of these (slow downloads, web browser crashes etc.).

Changes in v1.12

1.12 has had significant changes to :
- PPP driver connection;
- ChangeFSI 1.15 (with modifications for progressive JPEGs) added.

It also has had the following modified :
- The Web program (including client-side image maps);
- The main Voyager window can now have its icon sizes changed, and
  also the scroll bars can now be turned on/off with the program
  still running;
- New version of the stack and SLIP driver;
- Auto upgrader downloader optimised in same way as FTP;
- News program does not fail if you double-click on the News icon;
- Tidying up of the configuration windows;
- FTP now handles different types of Unix site (support for NT
  sites needs more work);
- FTP doesn't fail if dragging multiple files;
- News program repairs damaged file if !VoyClean is used;
- Mail program made more robust, incuding handling of emails with
  commas in real names;
- Extra debugging for connection problems, and also a "re-ping" of
  the connection if the correct signal is not received in time.
- Manual available from the iconbar icon
These changes result in a large upgrade file. The expected download time is around 7 mins for a 33.6K modem, to about 25 for a 9,600 connection. Data compression will help. However, if you bought your Voyager as part of a package deal with Acorn this download time will be substantially reduced.

Due to the size of the download file the electronic manual has not been updated this time around, so there may be some new features which are not documented. Most notable of these are the new history list menu options in the Web browser.

What's not in v1.14

Unfortunately it has not been possible to implement frames and tables in this release of Voyager. This is technically very difficult under RiscOS, and although this is our top priority we are reluctant to rush out unstable programs. We hope however that we will have some good news on this front in the near future, and we will keep you updated as and when this happens.

Where did v1.13 go?

After the problems with 1.12 it was decided not to tempt fate and miss out version one-thirteen. :-)

Known oddities:

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