From: (Support)
Date:        Fri, 21 Mar 97
Subject:   ### New Technical Support Site Online ###


this is to let everyone know that as of 6:30pm the new Argo Technical Support web pages at are online. These are to some extent a test of a new "modem friendly" (i.e. less graphical and smaller pages) site layout, so the layout may still be subject to change.

On these pages are answers to the most questions technical support get asked most frequently, so you can get the fixes to the most common bugs, how to add extra email addresses to your account (with new search engine), find a wealth of information on adding creating web pages (including a meaasive new GIF storage site on our server) and so on. The list of third-party software now has a form so that you can nominate your favourite application to add to the list, and the list of recent all-user messages has been updated.

If you have any suggestions or reports of faulty links please email me at the address.

Richard Goodwin,
Argonet Technical Support.

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