From: (Support)
Date:        Thu, 27 Mar 97
Subject:   ### Easter Technical Bulletin ###

Hello from Argo Technical

Just a short note to let you know what's happening here at Argo over Easter and the coming weeks.

Please read ALL of this message as it may supersede previous information.

Easter Technical Support Hours

Technical Support will again be covered over the holidays. Although the offices will be closed for all other purposes on Friday 28th up to and including Monday 31st, Technical Support email will still be picked up and 'phone call enquiries left on the answerphone before 2pm on Friday, Saturday and Monday will be dealt with the same day.

To further reduce any possible delays, you might want to look first at the Technical Support web pages, which deal with the most common questions asked of Technical Support including the creation of Web pages and getting hold of your account details.

Pipex Issues

After high level talks with Pipex yesterday we have found that low speeds for news download were due to Pipex changing news servers. They have apologised for not switching Argo customers over to the new server immediately, and have undertaken that switching the news server address to the best news machine available will now be handled much more smoothly. Consequently you should already be noticing that news download speeds are returning to their previous high levels.

As well as the news issue other connectivity issues were discussed at length, and improvements in speed and so on are promised across the board.

Network Computers

In collaboration with Acorn Risc Technologies (ART) and Xemplar we have been working on the new Network Computer (NC) machines. As an ISP we will be fully supporting this new technology, and as well as being able to supply and support the NC ourselves, we will be the service provider for both ART and Xemplar.

Voyager Web Browser

Our increasingly close ties with ART have enabled us to secure the rights to use ART's brand-new browser in Voyager. The new browser already supports frames, and by the time it is ready for release in a few weeks it will have other important new features such as tables added as well. This will be a very important advance for Voyager and a very good basis for its continuing development.


An advantage of using the ART browser is that we will be amongst the first people to benefit from the implementation of JAVA which Acorn is currently working on. They hope to release this in the third quarter of this year.


Following the work we have been doing on the Network Computers, we will soon be releasing WebMail which will allow you to access your email via web pages. As well as allowing you to check your mail from any internet computer - perhaps a friend's computer in another town, or a cyber cafe in another country - you can also for instance delete messages from your account without having to download them first. We will be putting a link to this on the main Argo web page in the next few days.

We hope that you will all have a very happy Easter break.

Richard Jelbert,
Argonet Technical Director.

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