From: (Support)
Reply-To: (Julie Rumbold)
Date:        Tue, 15 Apr 1997
Subject:   ### Past modem returns ###

Dear ArgoNet User!

This a plea to all of our users who have sent in their modem for repair or return.

Can you please, please think back to when you originally sent us your modem, and whether you forget, or intentionally omitted to include the power supply/telecom cable.

If you did send your modem to us without the cables etc., and found upon it's return that we had mistakenly included cables and leads, then we would kindly ask you to return the additional extras to us. The reason behind this plea is that we have 12 modems here without either, and as I am sure you can understand we are keen to re-unite them.

So, if anybody has extra power leads or telecom cables, please contact me at to arrange return - and of course, we will pay the postage.

Kind Regards

Julie Rumbold
ArgoNet Technical Support

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