From: (Support)
Date:        Fri, 2 May 97 17:43:07
Subject:   ### News connection fix ###


For those of you who are using the news service please read the following:

Some users are currently experiencing problems connecting to the news servers
at the moment.  We have traced this to a clash between recent changes to the
news server and an internet address file inside Voyager.

The attached ArcFS archive contains a program which modifies this file so that
the problem will be eradicated.  The file is attached to the bottom of this
window; if you can't see it then you may need to resize this window.

* Copy the attached file to disc - simply click with the LEFT mouse button on
  the "NewHosts" icon below and keep the mouse button down as you move it over
  an open disc window (such as your hard drive window).
* You will need to load !ArcFS (or !ArcFSr/w if you have it) - there is a copy
  of !ArcFS on your Voyager disks, or on most magazine cover discs.
* double-click on the "NewHosts" file which you have just saved - with ArcFS
  loaded it will open up just like it's a directory.
* you will find inside a program called !NewHostIn - you must drag this out of 
  the NewHosts archive and save it somewhere else on disc, using just the same
  "dragging" proceedure as copying the attachment from the email program.
* Run this new copy of !NewHostIn.

A message should pop up telling you that the installation was a success, if so
all is well.  If not telephone technical support on 0500 595596.

The next version of Voyager will do all of this automatically, but it was felt
that this modification needed to be sent out sooner rather than later.

Argonet Technical Support.
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NewsHosts has since been superceded by NewsFix, which does the same job and more. file_ddc

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