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Date:        Wed, 14 May 97 17:38:51
Subject:   ### Shows and Events ###

                         ARGO AT SHOWS AND EVENTS

Over the next few months Argo are bringing several new and exciting products to
the market.  To support the marketing of all our products and services we have
committed to our busiest-ever programme of shows and events.

We are exhibiting at two Acorn-specific shows which are open to the public:

           Acorn Spring Show - 17th & 18th May in Wakefield
           Acorn South East Show - 5th July in Welwyn Garden City

Between now and July, events aimed at educational users on every platform -
Windows PCs, Acorn, Apple and Network Computers - are taking place (in order of
appearance) in Aberdeen, Perth (Scotland!), Leamington Spa, Dillington House
(Somerset), Beaumanor (Leicester), Hillingdon, Maidstone, Wareham and Matlock.

We would be delighted to see you at any of these events - please let us know,
by e-mail to, if you would like further details.  At every
event we shall be showing our latest products including the new Acorn
NetStation (Network Computer) which Argo will be selling and for which ArgoNet
is providing the Internet connectivity and services.

At the Wakefield Acorn Spring Show this weekend we have a large stand - our
staff at the show on both days include Molly, Richard J, Richard G, Andrew,
Matt, Nicholas, and Ian.  So if you are coming to Wakefield we look forward to
seeing you on our stand.  We also have an informal "Argo chatting" session
booked in the theatre on Saturday from 5.20pm when you are most welcome to join
us over tea and biscuits.  To help our catering arrangements please e-mail us
at if you intend to join us in the theatre this

Ian Goodall,
Sales & Marketing Manager.
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