From:       Argo Support
Date:        Tue, 10 Jun 97 15:56
Subject:   ### Acorn Voyager "pulsing" fix ###

Acorn Voyager "pulsing" fix
Please note that this is for Acorn "Voyager" users only.

A fix is now available for the "pulsing" phenomenon which has been affecting
some large news downloads (and possibly mail/ftp downloads).

This has been traced to a clash between the compression in the PPP driver
and the compression the modem does itself, which seems to be cumulative - it
seems to get worse as downloads go on, thus the problem appears after the
download has been going on for a certain amount of time.  This fix switches
off the PPP compression, which shoud result in the "pulsing" disappearing
and also a general speedup in some transfer rates.

The fix has been put on the FTP site, and more importantly on the Support
web pages - - and it is recommended
that you take a copy of the archive, copy out the !NewsFix program on to
your hard drive, and run it.  Full instructions are included in the archive.

You will need a copy of ArcFS loaded in order to get into the NewsFix
archive, which is on your Voyager installation discs or most magazine cover

The old "New Hosts File" fix, which modified Voyager to take into account
the changes in the news server address, is included in the NewsFix program
as well so that new users and anyone needing to reinstall Voyager can just
use the one fix.  Voyager 1.15 will have these new files as standard.

Argo Technical Support.

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