From:       Argo Technical Support
Date:        Wed, 11 Jun 97 15:13
Subject:   ### WebLoad II Released and 5MB Webspace ###

WebLoad II Released
We are pleased to announce that the Acorn version of WebLoad II, the new web
page uploading software, has been released and is ready to download.  The PC
version will follow shortly.

With this software you will be able to automatically upload just the parts of
your site which have changed since your last download, meaning that small
changes will not require you to upload your whole website again as with earlier
versions of the software.  Also, support for sub-directories has been added.

You will need a key code to use WebLoad II.

            | The unique code assigned to you is:           |+

PLEASE KEEP THIS IN A SAFE PLACE! Even if you are not using Webload II at
the moment,  WebMaster for the Acorn uses this code to upload to our site,
as will the PC version of Webload II.  Email Support from your main address
(not from any additional addresses you might have) if you lose this code.

Once you have made a note of this code, or perhaps printed out this email, you
will find download details, full documentation (including a version for viewing
off-line) and other information on WebLoad II at the following web site:

Increase in Webspace!
As WebLoad II makes it much easier to upload your site, you will be glad to
hear that we have now increased your free webspace available to 5MB.

Argo Technical.
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