From:       Argo IRC
Date:        Tue, 22 Jul 97 09:33:48
Subject:   ### Argo-IRC web pages ###


John Billings ("Gymli") has asked us to inform you of the Argo IRC web
pages, a resource for Internet Relay Chat users who use the #argonet
channel or who would like to get into IRC - a fascinating way of talking to
other ArgoNet users in real time.

At the moment Gymli is collecting data from the users of #argonet so that he
can re-build the /WHO page after a problem with his hard drive, so regular
users are asked to go to and register to
get themselves listed.

The rest of the pages will go live in the next few days, and will contain
information about the #argonet channel, the people who use it and how to get
into IRC.

The information on this site is not offcially supported by ArgoNet, but we
extend our best wishes to Gymli in this venture.

Argo Support.

Argo-IRC Web Pages:
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