From: (Ian Goodall)
Date:        Fri, 08 Aug 97 18:07:53
Subject:   ### Progress report for August ###


We would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date with
developments at Argo.  

The last few months have been particularly busy! 
We have launched our new 99 pounds "Get connected to ArgoNet" pack for
Windows, Acorn and Macintosh;  introduced a new 6-monthly subscription;
reduced the cost of our annual subscription to 141 pounds (equivalent to
10 pounds per month ex VAT);  and expanded our free e-mail addresses to
five and our free web space to 5MB.

Our new web-based e-mail service, ArgoMail, allows ArgoNet subscribers to
read and send e-mails from any other computer with an Internet connection
and web browser.  This free ArgoNet service - ideal for those on the move
in the UK or abroad - can be accessed from our home page
by clicking on the 'WebMail' icon.

For Acorn Voyager users we have a special treat in store - a new browser
which will include the ability to handle frames, tables and animated gifs.
Currently being developed by Acorn, this new browser will be incorporated
into Voyager (free to existing users) when our testing is completed - our
current estimate is that the new browser should be released during this

Our network computer developments are bearing fruit and we expect to start
shipping our first NetStations this month.  We have also developed the
capability to use the Iomega Zip drive off-line with the NetStation and we
plan to launch this product by September.

For a complete list of current products please see our Web site at

The company has continued to expand and take on further staff. We are
particularly pleased that our Board has been joined by Malcolm Bird who has
been chief executive of Online Media and most recently head of Acorn's
Network Computing Division.

At the end of March we announced our second share offer with up to
1,000,000 shares available at 60p each.  This offer has gone well and is
still open, but we now plan to close it on 5th September to enable us to
get a trading facility on Ofex (alongside firms such as Weetabix and
Arsenal FC).  There have been other changes to the offer:  for the
latest information please e-mail us at for an
automated response.

Ian Goodall
Sales and Marketing Director
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