From: (Support)
Date:        Wed, 5 Nov 97 (18:48:0
Subject:   ### Web server transfer ###

Advance warning of upgrade to web server
Starting Thursday 6th November at 6pm, the Argo development team will be
transferring all the user web pages to the servers in London. This is
expected to take around 12 hours. This should not affect the service in any
way except that any WebLoad uploads will be delayed until the transfer has
taken place. If possible, please delay any web uploading until the weekend.

When the transfer has been completed, the web pages will be accessible much
quicker than currently.

As we are using new servers, there may be some teething problems, for which
we apologise for in advance. If you do spot any problems, please email the details.

Please note that all hosted domains will be transferred on to the new server
as well.

Argo Development.
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