November News Bulletin

In this edition:

Web Server Changes

To handle our expansion and speed up access, we have moved our main web server from Chichester to London. The changeover went smoothly but as the DNS records are in the process of being switched, this week, to point to the new site there are two issues still outstanding:
If you use an absolute address to point to your counter it will not work until the DNS records are in place or you change it to a relative address.
   <img src="">
is an absolute address

   <img src="/cgi-bin/">
is a relative address.

To convert from absolute to relative addresses simply remove the "" from the front of your web counter address.

Please note that Richard Goodwin's CounterMaker has been updated to take this into account.

You may notice that during this changeover period, on going to an Argo user's site, the URL will change from<name> to<name>. This is due to the redirection of the request from the old server to the new server while the DNS changeover is being completed.

Anyone using the address should change this to

PC and Mac Newsgroups

We have recently set up PC and Mac newsgroups to complement the existing newsgroup structure which up until now has been mainly Acorn-oriented.

The new groups are:

We recommend all users subscribe to argonet.announce as this is the newsgroup for official ArgoNet announcements.

If you want to set up a PC to fetch news, then take a look at the PC FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Dialup Connection Upgrades

UUNet Pipex, our backbone provider, are currently upgrading the connection system and unfortunately this has caused a few unanticipated problems recently. The new system is designed to improve connection speeds, introduce x2, K56flex and the potential for dialup ISDN, and Global Roaming.

Acorn Browser Test

A recent posting to argonet.announce gave details of the beta test of the new Acorn browser. Full details can be found on the web site. When new versions of the browser are released, these will be uploaded to the web site.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three excellent FAQ sites, maintained by Richard Foster.

For Acorn users

For PC users

For Mac users an FAQ site is under development.

The question being asked the most frequently at the moment is:

Q. What's a zip file?
A. It's a file containing compressed files, generally created on PCs.

On an Acorn, to use this type of file a program called !SparkPlug is available from the FTP site. This is a basic program which, when run, installs a copy of !SparkPlug on to your computer.

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