ArgoNet News Bulletin: 28th Jan 1998

In this edition:

Free Internet Access for a whole year?

If you enjoy using ArgoNet, why not introduce your friends to our service?

And they don't necessarily have to have an Acorn. Did you know that Argo now supports PC's, Macs and Network Computers as well as Acorns, so now everyone can become an Argonetter!

For every friend you introduce to ArgoNet and who takes out a subscription in 1998, we will give you a month online. You could also introduce your local school or college to our new special Education Online Service, which would also qualify you for a free month.

Introducing a friend could not be easier.

To make your claim email us with the name and address of your friend/organisation - we will do the rest including crediting your account with the additional free month online.

Introduce enough people, and you could have free Internet access for a year or even life!

For further information please contact Molly Pickford on or on free phone 0500 585586

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