ArgoNet News Bulletin: 16th March 1998

In this edition:

Connection problems

The connection problems that some of our users experienced last week have been rectified.  They were caused by a faulty 'telephone switch' associated with connection through 0645 numbers to our backbone provider.

Local call access

Our long-established local call number 0645 250140 connects through what is now considered to be 'old' technology within our backbone provider.  We would advise our users to switch to an alternative number, 0645 336576, which uses 'newer' technology and which also supports 56K X2 connectivity.

New services

We have been developing the capability, in conjunction with our backbone provider, to enable us to expand our range of services to include K56flex, ISDN and Global Roaming.  We also plan to be one of the first UK ISPs to implement the recently announced global 56K standard, V.90 - for information see the V.90 web site.  Recently we set up a new RADIUS authentication server and this, along with K56flex and ISDN services, is currently under test - we aim to be live with K56flex and ISDN by the end of this month.

Web site for children

ArgoSphere was launched in January at the prestigious BETT'98 Educational Technology Show where it won an award in the new Internet category. Designed to appeal to children at home and in school, the site was recently described by a leading IT journalist as having "gained the high ground in educational web site development in this country".  The whole of ArgoSphere,
at, is free to ArgoNet subscribers.
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