ArgoNet News Bulletin: 14th May 1998

In this edition:

Voyager Upgrade

The upgrade to Voyager 1.18 with the new Fresco browser was released at the beginning of  last month.  Other changes in this version include a new domain name resolver and Christina West's CountDown, a VIX module which displays the number of email and news items to send.

Some people have experienced Type-5 errors with the new browser. We have provided a temporary solution on our bugs page. We will shortly be releasing a new version of Fresco with improved stability and performance.

Strategic Alliance - Argo & ANT

We have announced a strategic alliance between the Argo Interactive Group plc and ANT Ltd of Cambridge.  This partnership will bring significant benefits to both companies and to the development of products and services for the Risc OS Internet-related market.

Last month ArgoNet released, free to existing users through our online auto upgrade procedure, a new version of the Voyager Internet Suite which incorporates ANT's Web browser, Fresco, with its support for frames and tables.  Other developments over the next two months will include improved e-mail and news capabilities for Voyager.

We are working closely with ANT to ensure that Fresco is the best web browser on the RiscOS platform. Early in Quarter 3 '98 we expect to release a version of Fresco supporting JavaScript. Exact details of the upgrade and pricing will be available nearer the release date.

We can also confirm that the ANT Internet Suite and new ANT Internet Server Suite will be marketed and supported through Argo, reinforcing our joint commitment to the Risc OS market.  These products, and future developments to them, will considerably enhance ArgoNet's Internet Services including the new Education Online Service for schools launched at BETT '98.

Acorn's Browse and Java

Acorn's !Browse and Java (1.0.2) updates are now shipping and may be ordered from ArgoNet at £39.99 each including VAT and UK carriage.

Voyager Development

The current development plan, which is subject to change, is: We intend that Voyager will continue to be the leading easy-to-use Internet Access Suite for Risc OS.

Microsoft IE Development

While it would appear that we have been concentrating on the Acorn side of things we have been working on a new Argo IE4 for Windows 95. This is nearly ready for beta testing and will be provided on CD-ROM as an upgrade. This is a much enhanced program which improves the display of web pages and has Outlook Express as an email program.

Wakefield Acorn Show

On the 16th and 17th May most of ArgoNet's staff are on our stand along with representatives from ANT. Demonstrations include Voyager (possibly an alpha of the new email program), Acorn's Java plugin, ANT's Internet Server Suite. Internet access will be through two new products, a Netopia router and MagicXpress ISDN Terminal Adapter. Andy Loukes will be doing a presentation on "Internet for Schools" with Dean Murphy from ANT on both days in the theatre.

For more information about the show go to the web site.

Service News

Major upgrades are on the way. It was mentioned in a previous bulletin that we are moving to new dial-up servers at Pipex. This will mean new numbers and connectivity using ISDN, Flex, x2 and many other services from Pipex such as Global Roaming; these will be documented in a later bulletin.

We are in the process of upgrading our server hardware over the next few weeks. This is a significant upgrade that will allow us to provide more services as well as increasing the performance of the current web and mail servers and improving Webload and webspace access.

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