Phone Number Changes

This affects the majority of our customers.

UUnet are restructuring their network to allow for expansion and part of this includes a change to new dial-up 0845 numbers. From the end September the 0645 telephone numbers will no longer be available for dial-up access.

If you are using a telephone discount scheme (such as BT Friends & Family) this will also need to be updated.

How does this affect you?

Acorn Users of Voyager

Voyager users will be able to use Voyager 2.00 which enables you to select one of the new dial-up numbers for your connection, eg K56flex or ISDN. This new version of Voyager is planned for release for autoupgrade after 6pm on Wednesday 26th August.

The release includes the following features:

PC Users with Explorer

Internet Explorer 4 users using the Argo-branded IE4 (originally supplied on CD-ROM from ArgoNet) do not need to make any changes.

Other IE4 users, and all IE3 users, should visit the following web sites to register on the new system.

Register IE4 and IE3

Network Computer Users

NC smartcards will be automatically upgraded between Friday 29th August and Wednesday the 2nd September. You will get a special message when you log on informing you that the change is taking place.

Other Users

(eg Mac users, Ant Internet Suite users, UNIX users)

UUnet have a page that may help you configure your system for the new numbers.

The details of the changes that are being implemented are as follows:

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email or telephone our freephone support number, 0500 595 596, during office hours.



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