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Current Status Information

Tue Jul 26, 00:00pvClosure of Argonet
WebMail and email services have now closed.
Fri Jul 15, 00:00pvClosure of Argonet
Argonet has now been closed. Mail will continue to work for a couple of days, to allow people to download messages, but dialup and web have been turned off as part of the Argonet closure.
Tue Apr 26, 14:30pvRoutine maintenance
The mail server was offline for approximately 15 minutes lunchtime today for routine maintenance. All servers are now working normally.
Wed Mar 02, 19:30pvWebMail fixed
Earlier problems with the WebMail system have now been fixed.
Tue Mar 01, 18:30pvPower restored!
The earlier problems have been restored. All services should be back to normal. Apologies for any inconvenience. An additional story is on The Register
Tue Mar 01, 11:00pvGenerator failure in London
Due to the failure of a major power generator/substation in London, connectivitity to our data centre has been temporarily lost. Engineers and emergency services are working to restore power as a matter of priority. Apologies for any inconvenience. More information at The Register
Thu Feb 03, 17:00pvADSL Usenet status
I've upgraded the news server, which is now fetching Usenet newsgroups again.
Thu Jan 06, 17:00pvADSL status
ADSL subscribers may have experienced a temporary disconnection earlier today. This was due to a fault on BT's Central Pipe. Connection has now been restored and service should be back to normal.
Fri Nov 19, 09:00pvADSL Usenet problems
Some people are experiencing problems downloading news from I am currently investigating the problem.
Wed Nov 10, 16:55pvADSL Usenet update
The ADSL news server should be working again.
Tue Nov 09, 18:30pvMail Working
Webmail is now working, so IMAP and POP should be working normally again. Apologies for the temporary inconvenience.
Tue Nov 09, 17:15pvMail Working
The earlier mail problems have been resolved and should now be working ok.
Tue Nov 09, 14:00pvIntermittent Mail problems
Due to the power failure this morning, there are still a few issues with the main mail server. Engineers are currently working on the problem, which will be restored as soon as possible.
Sending mail via is currently ok.
Tue Nov 09, 11:00pvMail problems fixed
Due to a power failure in London, some of our servers went down. Power and services have now been restored. Apologies for the temporary inconvenience.
Tue Nov 09, 07:30pvMail problems
A problem with the main mail server in London has been detected. We are currently investigating the problem, and I'd like to apologise for any inconvenience.
Mon Oct 25, 09:30pvMail problems fixed
Some people may have briefly experienced a problem when connecting to earlier. This was due to a drive partition being full and has now been fixed. Mail is working normally.
Sun Sep 26, 01:15pvMail interruption restored
Due to a full hard drive on one of the mail servers, some people may have temporarily received errors when connecting to mail earlier this evening. I've now freed up some space and mail connections are working normally.
Tue Sep 14, 17:27pvAll services working
Work on the mail server has been completed and all services should now be working. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Tue Sep 14, 14:30pvEmail temporarily unavailable
The power cycling went ok and all services should be back online. However, there is a temporary downtime on
We are working on this and normal service will be resumed ASAP.
Tue Sep 14, 09:00pvScheduled downtime
There will be a scheduled downtime of approximately 5 minutes at 14:00 today. This is for an essential power supply upgrade taking place in our London hosting facility.
Fri Jun 18, 17:00pvADSL Usenet unavailable
Unfortunately there is an issue with our internal news server. This will be resolved as soon as possible.
Wed Jun 16, 10:30pvAuthentication fixed
The fault in London has been rectified, so all services should be back online. Apologies for this outage, which was caused by a power failure at our hosting facility in London, unfortunately outside our control and effecting several ISPs.
Tue Jun 15, 16:50pvNetwork problems
Due to a fault in London, we are experiencing some network problems. Engineers are investigating this problem, which appears to be outside our control.
Wed May 12, 09:58pvWebmail plus some hosted websites
Webmail and some hosted websites were temporarily unavailable for a period first thing this morning. However, the service has been restored and checked and all working again now.
Mon May 10, 09:00pvADSL Usenet should again be available for ADSL customers. I'd like to apologise for the recent unavailability of this server.
May 04, 17:00pvADSL Usenet
The server handling newsgroups for ADSL customers is currently undergoing maintenance. It will be available ASAP. In the meantime, I apologise for any inconvenience. Standard dialup customers are unaffected.
Apr 15, 09:00pvMail Issues
Some people reported some mail glitches over the Easter holiday period. This appears to be due to the volume of traffic through the mail server. A temporary restriction on the number of outgoing connections was placed on the server, to ease load so some customers may have experienced the occasional 'too many concurrant connections' error when trying to send mail. The earlier load has now been cleared and the mail server should now be operating normally. I would like to apologise for any inconvenience.
Mar 09, 10:15pvEarlier authentication problems have been resolved.
No known operational issues.
Mar 09, 00:00pvAuthentication problems
There currently appear to be problems with authentication for dialup customers. Our engineers are currently investigating the problem, which will be resolved as soon as possible.
Feb 19, 12:00pvAdvance notification of maintenance
Due to upgrades being carried out on servers up in London, there is some routine maintenance scheduled for Sunday 22nd Feb evening. Authentication and DNS will be down for approximately 30 minutes. Mail and Web access should be unaffected. Some hosted websites will be down for approx 1 hour. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.
On Sunday 29th Feb, Argonet mail, web, news will be down for approx 1 hour. Radius authentication and DNS will be 'interrupted' for 1 hour, but should be up for most of this time.
Feb 16, 10:30pvRoutine dialup maintenance
The earlier maintenance has now been completed and normal operation has been resumed. Sorry for any temporary interruption.
Feb 16, 09:30pvRoutine dialup maintenance
Due to some maintenance work being carried out in London, some users may experience problems with dialup connections. This will be resolved as soon as possible.
Feb 12, 13:00pvADSL restored
The earlier problems with broadband connectivity should have been restored. If you are still experiencing difficulties you should reboot your router. Please contact technical support if you require assistance.
Feb 12, 12:30pvADSL problems
Due to a DoS attack one or more BT routers have fallen over. BT engineers are working on the problem in order to bring it back online ASAP. More updates will be posted when available. Unfortunately this is outside the control of Argonet and only affects broadband customers. Apologies for the inconvenience. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
Feb 03, 12:30pvAdvance Notification of Possible Outage
BT Wholesale have notified us that they plan to carry out engineering work on core Broadband network equipment some time between the hours of midnight and 7am on the 4th of February 2004.

We are told that this vital engineering work should not affect your Broadband service as the network is designed to be resilient, however this cannot be guaranteed.

If any downtime is necessary BT Wholesale will endeavor to keep this to a minimum..

Jan 28, 13:00pvVirus Alert Warning for Windows users
There is another mass emailing worm going around which sends an attachment with random subjects including 'test', 'hello', 'mail delivery system' etc. Full details and removal instructions (for PC users) can be found at
Jan 28, 12:30pvDialup authentication
The earlier authentication problem has now been fixed. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Jan 28, 09:00pvDialup authentication
Some customers may be experiencing problems authenticating. Engineers are currently investigating the problem.
Dec 26, 21:05brDNS
The problems with DNS was found tonight and resolved. We are sorry it has taken so long to resolve the problem, It seems to be down to the DNS server being slow due to an unusal amount of internet traffic.
Dec 25, 23:00pvDNS
There may be some problems resolving Argonet IP addresses. I am currently investigating this problem.
Dec 18, 09:00brEmail
We have been made away of an email going around containing a virus from ArgoNet.
It mentions about your email address expiring. Do not read the attachment and your email addresses don't expire. If you have any concerns or queries contact support.
Dec 17, 17:55brDialup
We have just been informed by our provider UUNet that they did have problems with their network that effected dialup.
These problems should now be resolved, if you have any queries please contact support.
Dec 17, 13:30brDialup
Due to problems with our bandwidth suppliers some ArgoNet customers are unable to authenticate. Unfortunatly these problems are beyond our control, but engineers are currently working on the problem.
Dec 05, 10:10pvWebmail
Webmail is now fixed and working.
Dec 05, 09:30pvWebmail
Webmail is temporarily unavailable. It will be restored ASAP.
Dec 04, 09:00pvStatus
No known operational issues.
Dec 03, 10:00pvMail status report
Due to a high load average on the mail server (due to it carrying out additional tasks whilst another server undergoes a hardware upgrade), some mail is being temporarily queued. No email should be lost, but some customers may experience a slight delivery delay when posting emails. This should be resolved during the course of today.
Dec 02, 13:30pvLocal web sites
The problem concerning /users/ websites has now been resolved and all websites should now be accessible. I would like to apologise for the temporary inconvenience.
Dec 01, 11:00pvLocal web sites
There is currently a problem accessing some user websites via the url. We are currently investigating this and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
Nov 28, 10:20pvDialup authentication
The earlier issues have now been resolved and the Argonet dialup service should be authenticating ok.
Nov 28, 09:09pvDialup authentication issues
There are currently intermittent problems with dialup authentication, which may be causing some customers to experience problems when connecting to Argonet dialup services. We are investigating these and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
Nov 27, 14:00pvDialup authentication fixed
The previous problems with dialup authentication have been fixed. I would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the temporary downtime.
Nov 26, 16:45pvDialup authentication failure
There appears to be a problem with dialup authentication. We are currently investigating the cause of this problem, which will be resolved as soon as possible.
Nov 25, 14:00pvDNS Failure
The earlier problem should be resolved by now. Everything should be working normally. :-)
Nov 25, 10:20pvDNS Failure
There is a temporary problem with Pipex DNS at the moment, which will cause problems to anyone connecting to Argonet sub-domains (ie., etc). This fault will be rectified ASAP.
Nov 14, 16:41pvNews server update
I've just had an email from Pipex stating that "We are aware of the problems with our news server and are working to resolve this. While we are doing this we have setup a test only news server".
We are currently testing this for reliability and speed. For updates on this issue you may want to keep an eye on:
Nov 14, 14:00pvSlow Usenet
We are currently communicating with Pipex regarding the slow download speed affecting their news server.
Oct 29, 09:00pvDialup problems
Due to a server failure in London, dialup authentication is currently failing. Engineers are investigating the fault, which will be rectified as soon as possible.
Oct 06, 09:00pvUpgrade to services
I would like to apologise in advance for some scheduled downtime to the main servers, due to hardware upgrades being carried out. Although we are aiming to keep actual downtime to a minimum, some customers may find some services liable to interruption between 10am and 1pm today.
Sep 30, 11:00pvCurrent Status
Outstanding problems should have been resolved, and services should be working correctly now.
There is currently a problem with the WebLoad service which is being investigated, but FTP access should be working ok.
Sep 29, 16:00pvWeb Site access
Outstanding problems should have been resolved, and services should be working correctly now.
Some customers are experiencing a 'forbidden' message when accessing their own websites. We are aware of this problem on some websites and engineers are working on resolving the problem as soon as possible.
Sep 29, 11:06pvServer outage - update
Connectivity has been restored to the servers in London, and service should be restored. All systems should be working at the moment, but there may be a temporary queue for emails which were sent over the weekend. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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