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About ArgoNet

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About ArgoNet

ArgoNet was initially established in 1995 with an educational focus in schools where our Internet access software, Voyager, had a reputation for ease-of-use. Today ArgoNet is a national Internet Service Provider connecting a range of different computers to the Internet, from desktop machines to 'thin client' network computers, from businesses to schools to home users.

ArgoNet connectivity is provided by our parent company Orpheus Internet, who have improved services with upgrades in all keys areas. Current improvements include free spam filtering, a major upgrade to our mail and web servers, and 24 hour emergency technical support.

Education has always been at the forefront of ArgoNet's business, and we are pleased to continue this tradition with a range of school email server solutions. Our server solutions are specifically tailored for schools, colleges and other educational establishments, offering connectivity, hardware, software and support in one cost-effective solution. Key features include spam and virus filtering of email content, unmetered Internet access, and simple to use management facilities with no hidden costs.

Managing Director Paul Vigay says, "ArgoNet's vision is to be the leading supplier of secure, reliable Internet access at great value for money. We are have developed our own connectivity infrastructure to ensure reliable, high speed access for our customers. Our modular approach to this new system enables rapid expansion of both the network and our customer base without impairing quality to existing customers."

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